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Minerals, Gizzards, and Calcium

If your animal requires Mineral, Gizzard, or Calcium supplements, then there will be a status bar showing these requirements for your animal (See Status of Your Animal for info on how to determine your requirements).



Most animals need some minerals for good health. Minerals are to be taken in smaller quantities than food. Look for minerals along the water's edge. When minerals are found you can 'Lick' them to build up mineral levels in the body. Ignoring this can lead to poor health of your animal.



Birds have Gizzards. Other animals do not. The Gizzard is used to digest food. Gravel, Dirt, or Mud must be inside the Gizzard for it to work. As a bird you will have to eat Gravel, Dirt or Mud to fill the Gizzard up so that it will work correctly. You can find these most commonly along the water's edge. Ignoring this will cause your animal to be unable to digest food properly.



Some animals require extra calcium for good health. When calcium levels get low, look for bones to eat. These can best be found in areas where larger animals have recently died or been killed. Ignoring this can lead to the poor health of your animal.

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