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Animals can hunt and hide. Some of the animals can detect each other from a distance by smelling them. Not all animals have a sense of smell.


Hunting can be done in a variety of ways. Some hunting techniques are hiding your animal using the hide command, or hiding using the natural terrain, using your sense of smell to detect prey, and watching for opportunities. These techniques are ways that predators can increase their chances of success. Predators can detect prey by sense of smell if they are down wind. Being down wind has the advantage for the hunter. If the hunter is down wind, then the hunter can detect prey, and remain undetected. Likewise, being down wind has the advantage for prey, assuming the prey has a sense of smell. Prey that is down wind can detect the hunter, while remaining undetected. You will find that parents of babies will defend their young vigorously, often to the death. Babies may seem like easy prey, but if their parents are around, watch out! Herds will join together and defend each other especially when babies are attacked, and there is nothing more dangerous than a herd of buffalo weighting up to 2200 lbs each, stomping you into the dust!

For more information on where to look on the game console for detection of predators and prey by a sense of smell visit The Status of Your Animal.

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