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Caring for Young

Caring for Young

To ensure survival of your children you will need to provide care and protection for them.

A common list of duties for parents includes:

Feeding Young

Feeding your young must be done to keep them from starving to death. If you are a bird then you need to bring food back to the nest and drop it. The baby birds will snap it up as quickly as possible. They will chirp with delight when they see you bringing food to them. It is difficult to ensure that all your babies get something to eat because the quickest ones will get the food before the slower ones. Your best hopes for their survival is to make sure they have plenty of food. What will your babies eat? This will depend on which animal you are playing. If you are playing a Blue Bird then it will be the same foods that you eat. Blue Birds like insects, berries, and seeds. Mammals drink milk directly from their mothers. Some animals will eat food an then bring it back in their stomachs and regurgitate it (throw up) for their young.

Cleaning Young

To clean your young select the clean command for each animal in the same way that you would select a challenge command for challenging that animal. Click on the location of the animal you want to clean, then click on the animal you want to clean, and then click on the clean command.

Cleaning Nests

Watch for debris like poop in your nest. If you see debris take it and carry it to a safe distance from your nest and drop it. This will help keep your young healthy and happy. Parasites will build up in nests with time. Shake the nests by selecting on the nest and selecting the shake command. Shake the nest and all the parasites will be shaken out. This will have to be repeated later to keep the parasites out.

Rebuilding Nests

You will need to keep an eye on your nest. This will be extremely important for some animals like the Cardinal who have nests out on tree limbs. Cardinal nests are exposed to the weather and their ability to survive a storm will be directly related to how well built and maintained they are. It would be a tragedy to have a storm wreck your nest and dump your babies out on the ground where so many hungry predators are wandering about.

Protecting Young

It will be up to the parents to protect the young from other animals. Babies are easy targets so it is a good idea to always leave a guard posted in the nest. Males can add extra protection by running off anyone that comes close to the nest site. It will take a physical combat attack to scare off NPC animals (Non Player Characters, animals run by the computer). It is a good idea to keep moving when doing territorial defense attacks.

Examining Young

To examine your young select the examine command for each animal in the same way that you would select a challenge command for challenging that animal. Click on the location of the animal you want to examine, then click on the animal you want to examine, and then click on the examine command.

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