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Canines can create Packs. A Pack is a group of animals of the same species like wolves who work towards common goals. There are a number of commands that are available for forming packs and maintaining them. Anyone who is a pack animal can form a pack. Once a pack is formed it can only be joined if an existing member adds you to the pack. You can quit a pack at any time. Babies born into a pack are automatically granted membership into the pack.


Packs Commands that you can do to Yourself

"Create a Pack"

"Create a Pack" creates a new pack with the following exceptions. You can create a pack if one doesn't exist by that name. To create a pack you cannot already be a member of an existing pack. The pack that you create cannot already exist. A pack named gets reserved for one game year. Pack name ownership gets cleared out every game year at the start of winter.

"Quit Current Pack"
You can quit a pack if you are in one. Use the "Quit Current Pack" to quit the pack you are in. Then you are free to create a new pack or join a different pack.


Packs Commands that you can do to Others

"Add to Your Pack"
Add someone else to your pack. The only requirements are that you are in a pack, and the target isn't in a pack. Anyone in the pack has the power to add new members to the pack.

"Remove from Your Pack"
You can remove someone from your pack.
The rules for removal are:
You must be in a pack.
The target animal must be in a pack and it must be the same pack as you are in.
You must be of higher rank than the one you are removing.
Your species must be the same as the target species, i.e. wolves can't affect coyote packs.

"Rally the Pack"
This is a set of audible calls (i.e. howling for wolves) that gathers up the pack members into one location. Only an alpha male or alpha female can rally a pack. An alpha coyote or wolf would go outdoors and howl to rally the pack. The pack will come running as fast as it can get there. Each howl will have an affect for a period of time. It may require several howls to rally the entire pack if they are spread out and members are far away. This command works on members of your pack only.

"Pack Attack"
This command designates a target of the pack for an attack. This can only be initiated by an alpha (no. 1 ranked male or female) of the pack. A pack attack will last for a period of time and then be canceled. This command will have to be re-issued for a sustained pack attack. This command works on members of your pack only.


Packs after birth, and after quitting the game

The father's pack is the one that gets passed down to the family at the time of birth.
If you are playing a female and add the father to your pack, then your pack would be the family pack. If the mother already is a member of another pack, then her pack assignment is not changed at birth. If the mother doesn't have a pack name at the time of birth, then she is joined to the father's pack at the time of birth.

A pack can live on, without the founder.

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