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Eating and Drinking

Eating and Drinking are essential to survival. Animals in general can go longer without eating than they can go without drinking. If your animal runs out of water it will be dehydrated and will begin to take severe health damage.


To eat something you must be at the same place. For example, if you are a Wolf and you wish to eat from an Elk carcass, you must first move your animal to the carcass, so it will be within reach. To try to eat an item select the item as is described in Manipulating Objects. Then select the action "Eat". If you can eat this, then you will eat as much of it as you can in one bite. It may take many bites of it to fill you up, assuming there is enough of whatever you are eating to fill you up. Foods will also provide water as well as calories for the stomach.


To drink you must find water and move your animal to the water so you will be within reach of it. To try to drink water you must then select the item as is described in Manipulating Objects. Then select the action "Drink". You will drink as much as you can in one try. It may take a couple of drinks to fill you up.

Stomach, Fat and Energy

When an animal eats food, it goes into the stomach. The food then begins to be converted into energy. If your animal's energy reserves fill up, then the food in the stomach begins to be converted and stored as fat. If you are burning energy, say by hunting, the process is reversed. Your energy reserve begins to be used first. As energy reserves drop, fat and stomach contents begin to be converted into energy. Once all of these are used up, you will have no energy with which even to move, and will be in dire straights. In the wild, animals can't get too fat. Many of us wish this could only be the case for us ...

As you burn up energy, your body creates wastes. These are shown on the liquid and solid waste displays. You will get an alert when they begin to fill up. Some animals use waste as a marker for territory to show they have been there. This is why the name of the animal who left the waste is part of the description of the waste. So that you and everyone else knows who was here. Once on the ground, solid waste takes longer to decay than liquid waste. This means that solid waste will be around longer than liquid waste.

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