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 Tips for Playing the Game.

Start by reading the Basic Playing Instructions. After you have played a few hours and have become comfortable with moving and finding food and water for survival read the Advanced Playing Instructions and read the online info about the animal you are playing. Online info for your animal can be found in the Online Game User's Manual or from the Select A World screen.

We most highly recommend that you find someone who is playing the game and get them to help you. Because this is a multi user game you will find other players in the game while you are in the game. You will be able to talk with these players as you play the game. There is no better help than an experienced player who is willing to help and you will find that many experienced players are willing to help new players in this community of players.

A Web Earth Online Users Forum has been started on yahoo groups. This is a place where you can post messages on the message board. You can post questions and correspond with other players there.

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