Playing Instructions, The Basics

What is Web Earth Online?

What is the Objective?

The 4 commands you need to know to start playing:

1) How to Move

2) How to Eat

3) How to Drink

4) How to Talk to Other Players

Where the heck am I in the game?

More help from Instinct

What is Web Earth Online?

Web Earth Online is a multi-user Internet based game. In Web Earth Online you will play in a world of great natural beauty, wonder and danger. In this world you will have the opportunity to experience life as animals of many different species. You will experience many of the challenges that each animal faces in their quest for survival and the propagation of their species. Best of all you will play with other people from all around the world, who pose as friends and advasaries alike. In the beginning your cumulative score will be zero and your selection of animal species to play will be quite limited. As you accumulate points you will be allowed to play more and more species of animals, each one progressively more powerful and complex than the preceding one.

What is the Objective?

The Objective of the game is to score as many points as you can for each animal life that you play. For each animal life you play you will get a chance to post a score on the high player list. In addition to high scores for each animal you play you will also have a cumulative points score. The cumulative points score will be the cumulative score of all the animals you ever play.

How to Move

You move around by clicking on the move control. The move control looks like this:

Choose an arrow to click on. The arrow indicates the direction you will move in when you click. One click will move you one space in the game. All mouse clicks in the game are single clicks which means click just once.


How to Eat

Your animal will get hungry and will need to eat. Your animal will have to be in the same location as something to eat. Then click on the EAT button and your animal will eat. The eat button looks like:


How to Drink

Your animal will get thirsty and will need to drink. All animals drink water. To drink water move your animal to a place where there is water and click on the drink button. The drink button looks like:


How to Talk

To talk to other players in the game type your message into the say box and press the enter key. The say box looks like:


Where the heck am I in the game?

You can find yourself in the center of your view screen.

More Help From Instinct

You can get more help from your instinct by clicking on the Instinct button. Watch in the lower right hand corner of the screen for instinct hints to appear when you press this button. Sometimes additional instinctual help pop windows will appear. The instinct button looks like:

*Note that all mouse clicks in the game are single clicks which means click just once.


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