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The Advanced Game.

The advanced game can only be played once a player has accumulated enough points. Until then, the advanced game option is not available for purchase. The advanced game service must be purchased and is available in through the Web Earth Online Store.

Advanced Game subscribers get the following benefits. They are allowed to play the advanced game animals. They are granted higher priority access to busy worlds as is described below. Advanced Game accounts are given first priority by the database house keeper routines. In other words, non paying accounts that become inactive will be the first to be purged from the subscription database.

Click here for more information on the advanced game.


The Basic Game is Free. (click here for more info on the Basic Game)

However, a limit is placed on the number of Free Game players in each world. After that limit is reached, only "Basic Game Priority Subscribers, or Advanced Game Subscribers" are allowed to enter into that particular world. Once the basic or advanced game is purchased, the shopping cart option is disabled, until the time purchased is used, at which time the shopping cart option will again be made available for purchase.

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