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 The Basic Game.

In the basic game you will play one animal at a time chosen from a large selection of mammals, reptiles, and birds. This will be in a multi-user game environment meaning that you will be playing the game live and interactively with other people from all around the world. You will play each animal from birth through death beginning as an infant and playing through to maturity of your animal when old age finally sets in and the life-cycle of your animal completes. Through each life you will strive to find a mate and have offspring which you will be responsible for nurturing into life, while trying to meet the sometimes harsh challenges of day-to-day survival. As your point score increases, you will be able to play more advanced animals. The challenges you will face will be varied as each animal has its own set of objectives and problems to deal with in order to survive.

The basic game is free.

Click here for a current list of Basic Game animals and points required for play.

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