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Your First Animal.

You have the choice of starting out as a baby animal in the nest, or as a young adult. The default setting is to start you out as a young adult. If you want to start out as a baby, then you will have to change this setting. Here is how to do that:

After logging in Select -> Edit/View Account

Then select -> Edit Player Game Options

Then check the option -> Always start playing as an infant animal when starting a new animal.

and submit it.

You can score more points if you start out as a baby animal because you will play the animal from beginning to end.

If you chose to play as a baby animal then you will start out as a baby animal in the nest. You will be dependent on your parents for survival. It is recommended that you don't leave the nest until you are old enough to leave it safely. You will know that your are old enough by watching the image of yourself and your AGE clock. When you are old enough your image will no longer appear as a baby, but will appear as an adult. While in the nest you will be given hints on how to play by your mother. These will be hints that will be key to survival in the world as an adult. While in the nest as a baby you will have a chance to get more familiar with the game console controls.

As a new animal you will get food from your parents. The first animal you will play is a bird. Your parents will bring you food in the form of insects, berries and seeds. They will drop the food somewhere in the nest and it will be up to you to grab the food before your brothers and sisters get it. You will get an update of what is in a location on the screen by clicking on it with the left mouse button. For example you can click on the center of the view screen which is where your animal is located. On the right side you will get a display of everything in that location, including food, if it is dropped. Each time you click, you get an update of what is there. When a parent brings food to you, repeated fast clicking improves your chances of seeing the food dropped, before your brothers and sisters can grab it. You must be quick because food will not last long. Everyone is hungry, and everyone is trying to get their share of the food.

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