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Entering and Exiting the Game.

When you enter the game for the first time you will be started with a new animal. Web Earth Online will remember your animal and allow you to continue playing it even if you leave the game for a period of time. However, when you leave the game, the world continues without you. So there can be consequences for leaving at certain times. If you leave your nest as a baby and return later, your family may be long gone. If you leave the game as a mother with many hungry babies then you will not be there to feed them and they may die. You will have to be present in the game to collect points for raising babies into young adulthood.

When combat is begun, Web Earth Online starts something called the heat of battle. It will last for several minutes after combat has finished. If you leave the game before the heat of battle clears, your animal will be severely damaged. This keeps players from simply quitting when they get in a tight spot. You will have to work your way out of tight spots, or pay a penalty.

If you need to quit playing, the game saves your animal and allows you to re-enter with the same animal at a later time. However the game will only allow you to play during the same season as when you left the game. This will keep players from skipping over hard winters and only playing during the easy months of the year.

Some animals like reptiles and bears can hibernate. If you hibernate in the winter, you will be allowed to return to the game in the spring. However, you should hibernate in a safe place. For example if you are a bear, hibernate in a cave. If you hibernate outdoors, your animal will be severely taxed.

To Quit the game, click the X on your game console browser window as shown below:

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