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What are the known incompatibilities?


Web Earth Online Games work best with the most current version of Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer. You may experience difficulties with older browsers. If you are using Internet Explorer 3.xx and lower or Netscape 3.xx and lower, you should upgrade your browser to a newer version. We do recommend Internet Explorer V 5.X or higher over Netscape Navigator.

Windows 3.1, Dreamcast, and WebTV do not support the Java necessary to run Web Earth Online Games.

If you're using AOL, CompuServe, or Prodigy, Web Earth Online Games should work if you upgrade to the most current version of your online service and upgrade your external browser Netscape Upgrades or Microsoft Internet Explorer Upgrades. After connecting to your online service, minimize the window and then launch your external browser (Netscape or Internet Explorer). If you are using Netscape Navigator release 6 or higher, you may need to install the Java plug-in module which gets installed automatically during the full installation option.

For more information on getting Web Earth Online Games to work with your Macintosh, please read these MAC Help suggestions.

If you are behind a proxy server or a firewall, you may not be able to play Web Earth Online Games.

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