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Applet Load Error / Errors

If you are experiencing applet load error / errors then check the Java Console for errors.:

To view the Java Console with Internet Explorer you have to turn on the Java Console first. Here is how to turn on the Java Console:
Go to the pull down menu Tools.
Open Internet Options.
Click on the Advanced Tab.
Scroll down until you find the Microsoft VM section, and make sure that "Java console enabled (requires restart)" is checked.

Then, restart your browser,
and go to the pull down menu View.
Open Java Console

For the Netscape Browsser go to the pull down menu Tasks. Open Tools, then click on Java Console.

There should be no errors reported in this console if everything is working correctly. View this console after attempting to log into the game and look for possible errors. If there are errors here then they may give you a clue as to what is wrong. You may also report the Java Console errors to Web Earth Online system technical support.

If the applet isn't loading then be sure and allow enough time for the applet to load, especially the first time you play where it can take over 4 mintues to load on a slow modem. From time to time browsers will clear out previous applet loads. If this happens then you will have to wait longer for the applet load to complete. So if if you are having trouble, then be sure and allow plenty of time for the applet to load.

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