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Helper Information

Helpers are granted special privileges and commands to allow them to better locate and help new users in the game. Once you have been granted the privileged status as a Helper, you may proceed with using the special commands granted only to Helpers. All Helpers are required to read this web page before beginning to help players.

Locating new users

New users are known as "Newbies". At the time of this writing a newbie is specifically defined by the computer system as anyone with less than around 2000 total points. This threshold number may be adjusted in the future as is needed.

Locating new users from "Find a Friend in Games"

To locate newbies you begin by logging in and accessing the ViewWorlds screen which shows the "Worlds available". From there click on "Find Friends in the Games". From the find friends in the games screen you will see:

You are a helper. Find Newbies

Only helpers are given the ability to find newbies.

Click on Find Newbies and a search will be done through all the games, and if newbies are located their name and current game location (i.e. World_1, World_2 etc... ) will be revealed to you.

Locating new users from inside a world

Select a world containing newbies and enter it. You will see a "Newbie" button located next to the move control as shown below.

Click on this button and the 1st "Newbie" will be located in the game you have entered and you will be teleported to his/her location where you may offer help. Size rules still apply, so a wolf will not be able to enter a Blue Bird's nest. Once you arrive you can ask how things are going and offer to help. Please do not discuss the privileged commands that help you locate newbies. This information is to be considered confidential. You can help newbies by teaching them how to better play the game and answering their questions. And you can help newbies by showing them that one of the benefits of playing in multi-player computer games is that there are other real people in the game. Even if a player doesn't want help, just showing up to demonstrate this can be a big benefit.

The game console "Newbie" finder button which is located next to the move control will only take you to an individual newbie one time per game connect. So if you press it again, it won't take you back to the same newbie again, unless you quit the game, and come back in later, which will reset your "Newbie" locator. Each time you click on the "Newbie" finder it will try to take you to a newbie that you have not yet visited. For example if there are 3 newbies in a game world that you enter, say newbies Fred, Sally and Hal. Your first click on the "Newbie" button may take you to Fred. Your next click on the "Newbie" button may take you to Sally. Your next click on the "Newbie" button would take you to Hal, and your next click on the "Newbie" button would indicate there are no more newbies to visit.

Other Helper Privileges

If season restrictions are in place helpers are granted the ability to enter any world, during any season so that they may more easily get to new users who are scattered about the games.

In addition Helpers are allowed to play any animal in the basic or advanced game so that Helpers can assist in play testing of all aspects of the game. If helpers are testing advanced game animals it is expected that the helper will provide feedback on their experience with those animals.

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