Instinct - Body Temperature

Instinct - Body temperature

Your body temperature is very important for your survival. Reptiles must constantly seek areas which have temperatures that can warm them up, or cool them off, as needed. Reptiles rely on their environment to gain proper heating and cooling. Unlike mammals, reptiles can't generate heating or cooling internally. This may sound like a disadvantage for the reptiles, but because of this method of heating and cooling themselves, their metabolism is very efficient. Reptiles don't have to eat and drink nearly as often as mammals.

As a mammal, if you get really cold, you will begin to burn up energy at a fast rate in order to stay warm. If you get really hot, you will begin using up water at an excessive rate in order to stay cool. If you run out of water, your animal will begin to take health damage. You can do without food for a period of time, but you can't go long without water.

Notice the temperature of any location, and notice how much wind blocking there is at that location. If a location has wind blocking it simply means the location is sheltered from the wind. You can see the wind blocking at a location by doing an examine on the terrain.

Blowing wind will cool you down.

Getting wet will cool you down.

From this you can see that if your animal is exposed to the coldests tempertures and the winds are blowing, and your animal is wet, then your animal is going to get really cold, very fast.

On the other end of the spectrum, if it is a hot sunny summer day, with no wind, and your animal is dry, you are going to heat up rather quickly, especially if your animal is performing demanding physical tasks (burning lots of energy), like hunting.

Try seeking shelter during times of extreme weather temperatures.

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